Covid 19 – Message from Arnhem

Paul Moore, our President, has recently received the following message from the organizer of the Commemoration Service that is usually held on the Sunday:


Good evening Paul,

I will give you an up-date about the commemoration in Oosterbeek.
On Sunday 20 September there is a commemoration service held at the Arnhem-Oosterbeek war cemetery. This will be invitees only.
Because of the COVID-19 we are not allowed to make it a public event.
Unfortunately, this means that you and your Airborne Forces Riders can not be present.
This has been a very hard decision. Sadly it is the time we live in at this moment.
On Sunday morning there will be an emergency law, that visitors can not enter the area of the cemetery. Until approx 12.30 hours the area will remain closed.
If you wish to visit the cemetery it is possible on Friday or Saturday. Or on Sunday afternoon from 12.30 hours onwards.
It is our intention to get the service on local television Omroep Gelderland, or to live stream it via the internet.
I hope to have you informed with this sad email.
In the meanwhile stay safe/ride safe.
Hope to meet in September.
We hope to welcome you all again during the service of 2021.
Kind regards,
Jaap van Genderen
In light of Jaap’s message it has been decided that we will be holding our own service at the monument at Ginkel Heath.  Details to follow