Are there any fees to join Airborne Forces Riders?


We do not have membership fees and we, currently, have no plans to introduce them.

Do I have to be ex-Airborne to join?

Yes, and No !

Obviously, the Airborne Forces Riders name gives you a clue…it is for the serving and veteran airborne who are motorcyclists. But, we recognise that there are friends and relatives of a similar mind. This is why we have two types of member: Riders and Supporters.

Both are very welcome but you MUST have passed P Company to be classed as a “Rider”.  Everyone else is a “Supporter” (NB.  Supporters are NOT lesser mortals or less important.)

Do I need to buy the clothing?

No you don’t. The clothing and kit is not compulsory but we would encourage you to dress as a Rider or Supporter.

You only have to remember your last group ride to realise that it is difficult to meet everyone if they are not distinct in some way. This is one of the reasons that we encourage you to wear our kit. The other reason is one of respect.

When we are attending rides where respect is a key component it made sense to us to be in some form of “uniform” so that we can act as a group.

◾Are the rides organised?

Again, yes and no.

The dates and meeting places are published so that you can meet up to ride to the event. But, it is always your choice.

If you would prefer to ride straight to, for example, the National Arboretum, and meet the rest there then that’s fine.