Ride of Respect 2023

The Ride of Respect remembers  the brave men and women who fought in the Falklands, but did not return (REMEMBRANCE).  We ride to pay our respects to them (RESPECT).  They never became veterans and will stay forever young and we will, every year, raise the public awareness (AWARENESS).  Funds that are raised by our ride are donated to SAMA, The South Atlantic Medal Association, to pay any needs , that veterans that did return, may have (SUPPORT).  It will be conducted on the weekend of 10 / 11 June 2023.  This year, the ride will be broken down into Regions.  Each region will have a group organiser who is responsible for the organizing and execution of the ride.
The regions are:

1. Scotland (East coast) (Kev Kilgour)

2. Scotland (West coast) (Sam Carter / Dunky Lang)

3. Northern Ireland (Tom Hill)

4. North East and Yorkshire (Paul Moore / Charlie McColgan)

5. Liverpool and Manchester (Rob Ned Kelly)

6. Derbyshire, Northampton and Midlands (Steve Bone)

7. Wales (South) including Hereford, Ross on Wye and Cinderford (George Frith / Richard Ackroyd)

7a. Wales (North) (Ger Hughes / Roland Kinsey)

8. Great Yarmouth (John Harratt)

9. Kent and Essex (Paul White / Lee Choat)

10. Hampshire (West), Somerset and Dorset (Clive Butland)

11. Hampshire (North) (Frank Nelson / Colin Lovely)

11a Hampshire (South) (Vic Thorn)

12. Plymouth (Richard Tilley)

Polo shirts are available from Clive Butland. Available with your name and in the following colours:  Maroon, Black, Navy Blue and RM Green.  Send him a private message on Facebook to order.  £5 is donated to SAMA for each one purchased.