Navigation points for our rides

Navigation Aids using “What3words”

On this page I have tried to assist you in your travels with the Airborne Forces Riders.  I shall be updating it continuously with locations that will be useful to us, or that we have or want to visit.  I have used the latest developments in navigation known as What3words.  For those of you unfamiliar with this method of navigation assistance let me give you a quick briefing.

The concept, as with most brilliant concepts, is relatively simple.  The world is sectioned into 3 metre squares and each square is given a unique three word address eg ///hello.crowned.pram (which incidentally is the three words taking you to the Airborne Statue in Aldershot!).  The What3words app links into whatever navigation app you are using to give you the route and riding  instructions as normal.

Obviously, for us on motorbikes, its use in an emergency is unsurpassed.  Simply open the app and there is your location in a 3 metre square.  Give this to the emergency services, or helpful friend in the case of a breakdown, and they will find you easily using the app.

We will now be able to give you a much more exact RV location, even down to, as in Strensham Services, the seating area we will be using for our break 😀

So, have a look at the locations by clicking on the relevant button below:

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Arnhem Ride  Aldershot Ride  Cleethorpes Ride  Ride to the Wall  Double Hills Memorial Ride