Who’s Who

Just a few of the Airborne Forces Riders….

Michael “Titch” Cornish, 2 & 3 Para, Past President
Phil Hannah,Ex 2 Para, Rides a Goldwing GL1800
Alan Bell, Ex 2 Para, Pan European 1300
Charlie McColgan, Ex 9 Sqn RE
George Firth, Ex 9 Sqn RE
John “Jasper” Harratt, Ex 9 Sqn RE
Jim “Curly” Davies, Ex 2 Para
Dave Pusey, Ex ACC & Para Logistics, Rides Harley, BMW and Valkyrie
Bob Russell, Ex REME & 2 Para, Rides a Virago
Paul “Dino” Durnion, Ex 2 Para, Rides a Harley
Steve Gabbitas,Ex 9 Sqn RE, Rides Tiger Sport
David “Spud” Murphy, Ex 23 PFA and 10 Para, Rides a black Harley
David Pollock, Ex 5 Airborne Brigade HQ & Signals, Rides a Rocket
Paul Moore, Ex 9 Sqn RE, President of the Airborne Forces Riders
Martin McGill, Ex 2 Para, Rides a Yamaha Virage 1100
Robert “Rab” Baillie, Ex RCT (Yes, a Hat, but a nice one), A great Supporter who rides an Escort bike
Jack Hawkins, Ex 5 AB Bde HQ and Sig Sqn 614 TACP (FAC) PF Pl 216 Para Sig Sqn, Rides a bright shiny blue Explorer
Aiden Forbes, Ex 2 Para
Pete Neaves, Ex 2 Para, Rides a Harley
Paul Merriman, Ex 3 Para, Rides a BMW