GPS Routes for Arnhem 2018

Here are the Zip files for the rides in Arnhem 2018.  Download the files and unzip onto your pc.  The .ov2 are for TomTom GPS and the .GRX files are for Garmin devices.

Follow the instructions for your GPS to import them into the device.

Ride of Respect – Friday morning, setting off from the Geldredome in Arnhem.  Can I suggest that you load al three routes (1,2 and 3) as you will not know which ride you are on until the draw on the Thursday evening at the “Meet and Greet” reception at Oostappen Vakantiepark.

Click here to download:  Ride_of_respect_routes

Market Garden –  Saturday morning, again setting off from the Geldredome.  This is our comrade ride with the Dutch Airborne Veterans, The Red Beret Riders.  It consists of a ride out, photo stop and then the ride across the John Frost bridge and up to Ginkel Heath for the parachuting.

 Click here to download:Market_Garden_-_Frost_Bridge_Ride