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President’s Report on the ROR 2020

Dear All,


On behalf of the Airborne Forces Riders and the 2020 Ride of Respect team, – Charlie, Tony, Phil, Iain and myself – please accept our very grateful thanks to everyone for all of the support given during our ride, especially your very generous donations to SAMA and practical help along the way.

Overall, the ride went very well, and we were able to keep to the allotted timings within a few minutes each day. Much of this was down to your local knowledge, escorting us through the difficult bits and the support of riders who were able to pre-recce routes, graves and memorials before we got there. This saved a huge amount of time and enabled us to spend more time with the families of the fallen, and former friends and colleagues. It was an honour to meet so many of the families of the fallen, our only regret being that we had to move on so quickly to keep up with the programme.

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Falklands war we feel that we fully achieved our aims of Remembrance, Respect and Awareness. We sincerely hope that now that we have mapped out where the Falklands graves and memorials are, that others may pay these a visit from time to time, keep them tidy and presentable, and honour those who fell for the freedom of others.

An additional bonus is that I am delighted to inform you that so far we have raised over £7000 for SAMA on our Just Giving page, some 300% over target due to the generosity of everyone who supported us. the page will not close for a couple of months yet so if you have not donated yet there is still time.

Already we are planning the SAMA 2021 Ride of Respect, and following lessons learnt over the last two years, it is likely to take place over a longer period of 01-15 August 2021. I will publish more information on this in the New Year.

Once again, our many thanks for your help and support. It is very much appreciated.

Paul Moore
Charlie McColgan
Tony McKie
Phil Damant
Iain Omerod
Airborne Forces Riders
Ride of Respect Team 2020

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Day Seven Report

After a good night in Aldershot the team set off for Basildon for the start if the penultimate day’s riding.  When they arrived they were met by other stalwarts of the Airborne Forces Riders.

And then…

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Day Six Report


Tony Mckie has not only replaced his scrapped bike, but has ridden down to rejoin the ride.  Outstanding!! Ian Ormerod had joined the team to replace Tony. So, the team is now five Riders.

I was going to write the report for today’s ride but Vic Thorn has already published one on the Facebook page which gives you a flavour of the day.  Here’s what he wrote today:

“Yesterday, was day 6th of the Ride of Respect, Phil Hannah will give you full details in his own update, this post is purely my perspective of the day, sorry Phil pictures to big for email. Phil and I got to Fort Cumberland in Southsea early and had a look round, the site is well appointed with admin, social and specialist rooms (you can see some of this from the first few photos). The staff there were brilliant, giving us a choice of toilets and allowing us to use their tea making facilities. Finally the main body arrived as did Gary Weaving the Boss of Forgotten Veterans. Paul Moore, as always was eloquent both in his explanation of what the ride of respect was all about, but also about the great things that Forgotten veterans are doing.Gary then gave us more information and was presented a wall plaque from the Airborne Riders. We then moved to the yomping statue outside the old (now defunct) Royal Marine Museum on Southsea seafront, where a small memorial service took place, the route to the yomping statue was interesting. We then moved to 18 battery where we were met by local representatives of SAMA and I believe some one from the Falklands was there. From there we drifted up to Tidworth and then onto Frimley finally arriving at Aldershot Military Cemetery in the afternoon. Please tag yourself if you are in the pictures. This was followed by a convivial evening at the Trafalger, with everyone only having two beers and all in bed by 9pm…….. I wish the team and others all the best for the last two days of the ride and would say to you now, ride safe, ride proud! Ad Unum Omnes!”

Thanks Vic…no need for me to add to his excellent review, other than to spend the next eight hours uploading the photos of the day !!

Here is a link to the ceremony at the Marines Memorial

Posted by Barrie Jones on Thursday, 6 August 2020

Airborne Forces Riders: On Thursday 6th August the riders arrived at Aldershot Military Cemetery to remember the fallen of 2 PARA. The event, in aid of the South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA82) has seen the participants travel over 2,267 miles across the UK in one week. In this short video, we hear from Paul Moore, President of the Airborne Forces Riders.

Posted by The Parachute Regiment on Saturday, 8 August 2020

After an exhausting day, leading the Ride of Respect 2020 for the sixth day Paul rode into the Premier Inn, Aldershot for a well deserve rest, clean up and off for refreshments. But, his daughter had other ideas!! She thought he should have a surprise family moment. Here’s the lovely picture when he was surprised by Matilda, his lovely granddaughter.

Nothing quite like a hug from Matilda

Phill Damant becomes our first Honorary “Rider”

In view of his unstinting work, not only riding as part of the team of Ride of Respect 2020, but also, his tremendous assistance to Charlie throughout the whole event (Charlie has been in pain with his joints, a condition that he has had for some time) Phill was made an Honorary “Rider”. Phill has been a tremendous supporter since the Riders began, as have many other terrific Supporters, But, it was felt that this arduous ride and his support of Charlie by encouraging him throughout merited this honour. Congratulations Phill !!

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Day Five Report

Today we met the Royal Marines on the M5 and they escorted us for most of the day. It rained – heavily ! It was lovely to see Gill And Frank in Plymouth and I think its fair to say I think we all did Mick well. Many thanks to the Standard Bearers and Bugler.
We are now in Poole having just paid our respects to a brave Royal / SBS. We are very well hosted by Squadron stalwart Johnny Jonny JB Nichols with top food, great basha and good craic.
Tomorrow – Portsmouth and Aldershot.
BZ to all for your support. It has been outstanding and great inspiration to the riders. Please keep up the donations to SAMA either to the Just Giving page or to us on the ride.”

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Day Four Report

A safe crossing saw the lads arrive at Liverpool, fresh and raring to go.  A long day ahead through Wales.

All down through Wales today, the highlight of which was tea with the lovely Jean Jenkins and meeting lots of lovely people who had turned out to support us. We spent last night with the Patriots – and a jolly nice night it was too. Many thanks to President Alan, my good mucker Denzil Connick, and Mitch for the


Kirkdale Cemetery

Video of the team leaving Kirkdale with supporters

excellent cooked breakfast

And another video

Just look at the support at St Martin’s, Hereford.

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Day Three Report

Message from Team Leader, Paul Moore

“On a boat to Ireland now on Day 3 of the SAMA 2020 Ride of Respect . The last two days have been very intense and busy covering over 700 miles and 20 or so graves and memorials. We have had some fantastic support from loads of people – actually too many to mention here individually – but we are very, very grateful for that. Today we are on our way to Ireland to meet with our Brothers there and to visit the grave of Tony Cork of 2 Para. Today is an easy day compared to the last two so chance to rest a bit. Some pics attached. None of these are mine so thanks to people for sending them.”


Fantastic reception at Larne – 30 Riders !!! Fabulous 😁

Parting words from Phill Damant:
Day 3 précis:

We left Prestwick after a hearty breakfast and took the A77 to Cairnryan. The weather was mixed but nothing awful. The route was 50 miles of joy. Got the ferry without incident, being sure to try to make ourselves look a little less military, not difficult at the moment. We were met a Larne by Moore Campbell, Invictus (NI) MCC and some of the RBLR NI team. They took us on a ride over to Glenarm, truly stunning place and fabulous road to it. After a refreshment break we headed over to our first stop at Lisburn where we were joined by Tony Cork’s son, Daughter and local PRA. For a change we had some time so took the opportunity to have a more formal service, as Padre Andy was in attendance. It was nice to not have to rush away. From Lisburn we had a great ride through the Ulster countryside to Palace Barracks, where we were given a tour of the memorial garden and laid our wreath at the Tri Service memorial. This a beautiful place, which we all found very moving. Again we had a bit of time for a catch up and banter, before Moore escorted us back to Belfast for the ferry. All of us have said what a truly brilliant day we’ve had. Everyone in Northern Ireland, who came and supported, in any way, thank you. Much Love and Respect from us, a memorable day, for all the right reasons

And from Team Leader, Paul Moore:

End of Day 3 and we are on the boat to Liverpool. A great day today with special thanks to my good pal Moore Campbell, northern Ireland Pra Ni Branch for their very significant donation to SAMA82, RBL Riders NI for their help in moving about, and Albert Owen and son Daz Owens for organising very very interesting and moving visit to Palace barracks memorial garden. Of course, the real reason for our visit was to pay our respects to Tony Cork of 2 Para, and we were made up to meet Tony’s son and daughter, Chris and Antonia. A very special moment. Finally, a big thank you to Padre Andy for his words during our act of remembrance. A great day and thank you to everyone who helped and attended.

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Day Two Report

Day Two route

Day Two takes the team form the East coast of Scotland over to the West Coast

Nice early start for Day Two

Nice early start for the team on Day Two. Weather just about holding. As Team Leader, Paul Moore  puts it simply…

“Day 2, spitting on to rain here in Kinloss. Looking forward to ride down Loch Ness to join our Commando Brothers at the Commando memorial at Spean Bridge.”


Tony Mckie decided it would be a good idea to scrap his bike en route by joining it to a little red car…the plan worked…he is FINE but his bike is scrap.

Here is the latest news from the team:

“Morning started 07:00, slight drizzle, but everyone in good spirits. We had a brilliant ride down along Loch Ness to Spean Bridge and the Commando Memorial. More brilliant biking roads toward Fort William for coffee and fuel, only managed to get the fuel. On to Oban with more stunning bike roads and challenging weather. It was on this leg that Tony decided to rearrange the configuration of his bike and a little red car, both now are scrap. Good news, Is that Tony is fine, but will be going home in the tow truck. The weather was testing most of the time. but still brilliant riding. From leaving Oban we headed toward Glasgow, where we had 3 geographically close visits. From Glasgow we headed out to Irvine for our final visit of the day. Again the support throughout the day, from other clubs and associations was great. In no particular order, many many thanks to: The Scots Guards Association, Invictus MCC, RMA Riders, Widows Sons and all families and friends of the fallen. Your support and encouragement are really appreciated. Thanks again. More adventures tomorrow.”


from Paul Moore, the team leader:

End of day 2. Over 700 miles covered. We just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who turned out to ride, or to visit graves , support families or who have donated here or to us in person. It is all very much appreciated. We are off to Northern Ireland soon to give due respect to a really nice guy and his family. Please keep track of what we are doing and support where you can. Thank you.

A link to the video of the recovery of Tony’s bike:

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Day One Report

DAY ONE – Saturday 1st August

Day One route

An early start for the boys at the start of the Ride of Respect 2020

The team made an early start which was soon forgotten when they reached the first couple of stops at Kenoway and Edinburgh.  There was a wonderful turnout of supporters to greet them. This was terrific for the team and hopefully it is an example for the week of riding ahead.  At each stop the numbers just increased.

Well done to all the  people who came to meet the team it was truly heart warming and appreciated

What a reception at Edinburgh !!

Summary by Phil Damant

Well the end of day one, fantastic. We are all a bit tired but it was truly brilliant. So many people came out to support us and the families. It would be remiss of me not to thank those clubs and associations who have helped the day go so well. So, in no particular order, big thanks to: Invictus (Scotland) MCC, Widows sons, Durham and Scotland, 8s and Aces MCC, Scots Guards Association, RMA Riders, Legion Riders Thank you all, what a brilliant effort from everyone. Much love and respect.”