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Day Six Report


Tony Mckie has not only replaced his scrapped bike, but has ridden down to rejoin the ride.  Outstanding!! Ian Ormerod had joined the team to replace Tony. So, the team is now five Riders.

I was going to write the report for today’s ride but Vic Thorn has already published one on the Facebook page which gives you a flavour of the day.  Here’s what he wrote today:

“Yesterday, was day 6th of the Ride of Respect, Phil Hannah will give you full details in his own update, this post is purely my perspective of the day, sorry Phil pictures to big for email. Phil and I got to Fort Cumberland in Southsea early and had a look round, the site is well appointed with admin, social and specialist rooms (you can see some of this from the first few photos). The staff there were brilliant, giving us a choice of toilets and allowing us to use their tea making facilities. Finally the main body arrived as did Gary Weaving the Boss of Forgotten Veterans. Paul Moore, as always was eloquent both in his explanation of what the ride of respect was all about, but also about the great things that Forgotten veterans are doing.Gary then gave us more information and was presented a wall plaque from the Airborne Riders. We then moved to the yomping statue outside the old (now defunct) Royal Marine Museum on Southsea seafront, where a small memorial service took place, the route to the yomping statue was interesting. We then moved to 18 battery where we were met by local representatives of SAMA and I believe some one from the Falklands was there. From there we drifted up to Tidworth and then onto Frimley finally arriving at Aldershot Military Cemetery in the afternoon. Please tag yourself if you are in the pictures. This was followed by a convivial evening at the Trafalger, with everyone only having two beers and all in bed by 9pm…….. I wish the team and others all the best for the last two days of the ride and would say to you now, ride safe, ride proud! Ad Unum Omnes!”

Thanks Vic…no need for me to add to his excellent review, other than to spend the next eight hours uploading the photos of the day !!

Here is a link to the ceremony at the Marines Memorial

Posted by Barrie Jones on Thursday, 6 August 2020

Airborne Forces Riders: On Thursday 6th August the riders arrived at Aldershot Military Cemetery to remember the fallen of 2 PARA. The event, in aid of the South Atlantic Medal Association (SAMA82) has seen the participants travel over 2,267 miles across the UK in one week. In this short video, we hear from Paul Moore, President of the Airborne Forces Riders.

Posted by The Parachute Regiment on Saturday, 8 August 2020

After an exhausting day, leading the Ride of Respect 2020 for the sixth day Paul rode into the Premier Inn, Aldershot for a well deserve rest, clean up and off for refreshments. But, his daughter had other ideas!! She thought he should have a surprise family moment. Here’s the lovely picture when he was surprised by Matilda, his lovely granddaughter.

Nothing quite like a hug from Matilda

Phill Damant becomes our first Honorary “Rider”

In view of his unstinting work, not only riding as part of the team of Ride of Respect 2020, but also, his tremendous assistance to Charlie throughout the whole event (Charlie has been in pain with his joints, a condition that he has had for some time) Phill was made an Honorary “Rider”. Phill has been a tremendous supporter since the Riders began, as have many other terrific Supporters, But, it was felt that this arduous ride and his support of Charlie by encouraging him throughout merited this honour. Congratulations Phill !!