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Day Two Report

Day Two route

Day Two takes the team form the East coast of Scotland over to the West Coast

Nice early start for Day Two

Nice early start for the team on Day Two. Weather just about holding. As Team Leader, Paul Moore  puts it simply…

“Day 2, spitting on to rain here in Kinloss. Looking forward to ride down Loch Ness to join our Commando Brothers at the Commando memorial at Spean Bridge.”


Tony Mckie decided it would be a good idea to scrap his bike en route by joining it to a little red car…the plan worked…he is FINE but his bike is scrap.

Here is the latest news from the team:

“Morning started 07:00, slight drizzle, but everyone in good spirits. We had a brilliant ride down along Loch Ness to Spean Bridge and the Commando Memorial. More brilliant biking roads toward Fort William for coffee and fuel, only managed to get the fuel. On to Oban with more stunning bike roads and challenging weather. It was on this leg that Tony decided to rearrange the configuration of his bike and a little red car, both now are scrap. Good news, Is that Tony is fine, but will be going home in the tow truck. The weather was testing most of the time. but still brilliant riding. From leaving Oban we headed toward Glasgow, where we had 3 geographically close visits. From Glasgow we headed out to Irvine for our final visit of the day. Again the support throughout the day, from other clubs and associations was great. In no particular order, many many thanks to: The Scots Guards Association, Invictus MCC, RMA Riders, Widows Sons and all families and friends of the fallen. Your support and encouragement are really appreciated. Thanks again. More adventures tomorrow.”


from Paul Moore, the team leader:

End of day 2. Over 700 miles covered. We just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who turned out to ride, or to visit graves , support families or who have donated here or to us in person. It is all very much appreciated. We are off to Northern Ireland soon to give due respect to a really nice guy and his family. Please keep track of what we are doing and support where you can. Thank you.

A link to the video of the recovery of Tony’s bike: