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Day Three Report

Message from Team Leader, Paul Moore

“On a boat to Ireland now on Day 3 of the SAMA 2020 Ride of Respect . The last two days have been very intense and busy covering over 700 miles and 20 or so graves and memorials. We have had some fantastic support from loads of people – actually too many to mention here individually – but we are very, very grateful for that. Today we are on our way to Ireland to meet with our Brothers there and to visit the grave of Tony Cork of 2 Para. Today is an easy day compared to the last two so chance to rest a bit. Some pics attached. None of these are mine so thanks to people for sending them.”


Fantastic reception at Larne – 30 Riders !!! Fabulous 😁

Parting words from Phill Damant:
Day 3 précis:

We left Prestwick after a hearty breakfast and took the A77 to Cairnryan. The weather was mixed but nothing awful. The route was 50 miles of joy. Got the ferry without incident, being sure to try to make ourselves look a little less military, not difficult at the moment. We were met a Larne by Moore Campbell, Invictus (NI) MCC and some of the RBLR NI team. They took us on a ride over to Glenarm, truly stunning place and fabulous road to it. After a refreshment break we headed over to our first stop at Lisburn where we were joined by Tony Cork’s son, Daughter and local PRA. For a change we had some time so took the opportunity to have a more formal service, as Padre Andy was in attendance. It was nice to not have to rush away. From Lisburn we had a great ride through the Ulster countryside to Palace Barracks, where we were given a tour of the memorial garden and laid our wreath at the Tri Service memorial. This a beautiful place, which we all found very moving. Again we had a bit of time for a catch up and banter, before Moore escorted us back to Belfast for the ferry. All of us have said what a truly brilliant day we’ve had. Everyone in Northern Ireland, who came and supported, in any way, thank you. Much Love and Respect from us, a memorable day, for all the right reasons

And from Team Leader, Paul Moore:

End of Day 3 and we are on the boat to Liverpool. A great day today with special thanks to my good pal Moore Campbell, northern Ireland Pra Ni Branch for their very significant donation to SAMA82, RBL Riders NI for their help in moving about, and Albert Owen and son Daz Owens for organising very very interesting and moving visit to Palace barracks memorial garden. Of course, the real reason for our visit was to pay our respects to Tony Cork of 2 Para, and we were made up to meet Tony’s son and daughter, Chris and Antonia. A very special moment. Finally, a big thank you to Padre Andy for his words during our act of remembrance. A great day and thank you to everyone who helped and attended.