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Last farewell for an Airborne Rider

We sadly said farewell to Dave Pollock  at Nuneaton Crematorium on Friday 12th March 2021.  It was a sign of how loved and respected he was that, despite Covid restrictions over twenty Riders and Supporters turned up to escort him on his final journey.

Dave was a huge advocate of the Airborne Riders and will be remembered as our Escort Rider.  He, along with Rab Baillie, had escort marked bikes and did a fantastic job every year at our Arnhem Trip.  Interestingly, on the first trip, the police initially stopped both of them carrying out escort duties but soon relented when they realised how good they were!!  Our thoughts are for Scott his son, who despite his grief, insisted on riding as escort to the procession.

Farewell Dave, it was a pleasure to ride with you.  Report to the Final RV – Duty Done !!