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Arnhem – prepare for Brexit fallout

Those of us going to Arnhem in September will be aware that, as we are no longer in the EU, things have changed.  So, how is it likely to affect us on the ground?  Here is a post from Facebook from someone who is in Europe on a bike.  It’s an interesting read:

I use my bike as primary transport and I’m on my way to Germany. I know a few people will be traveling to Europe when lockdown is eased. Just a couple of observations for you guys –
1. I have been stopped twice today (in France & Germany) by the Police who wanted to see my green card insurance. So make sure you take a physical copy with you.
2. I was informed by the French Police that the GB sticker on your number plate is no longer legal. GB drivers should display the old style white background with black GB.
3. I walked into a German petrol station with my flip front helmet up & my neck tube covering my face. I was told to I must remove my helmet & wear a FFP2 medical face mask to be served. This is the law in Germany if entering any retail premises. Luckily I had one!
May save someone hassle in future 😃👍

So…things have changed and there us clearly some mild ill will.  I’ve ordered a supply of small, motorbike GB stickers for distribution.  Green cards are simple to get by contacting your insurers.

Ride safe