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Charlie’s Arnhem badges sell out in minutes !!

Less than an hour and they were all gone!! That’s how long it took for 600 badges, of the total of 2000 that were for sale, to sell.  But, there is still a way that you can buy one.

The allocation was as follows:

  1. The flower children of Arnhem – 1400
  2. The Trafalgar Pub – 200
  3. Sale on Ebay – 400

The Ebay badges went almost immediately it was announced.  However, Richard Stacey, landlord of the Trafalger Pub, is yet to receive his allocation to sell through the pub.  If you want one then please contact Stace via Facebook to find out if he has any left.  When he runs out that is it !!

There will be no others made until next year.  2000 each year is the production run and it will stay at that to ensure rarity value for the children.