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What3words – the way to locate anywhere instantly

We have set up navigation pages on the site with locations of our RVs and points of interest for our rides.  Over time we shall be adding to this “library” so that you will always have locations, like an RV,  exact to a 3m square.   An  example of this that will demonstrate the the usefulness of this app is the Ride to the Wall.  Because of the size of the place we have not been able to join as a group for the Service of Remembrance.  We are usually spread all over the Arboretum.  The location using “What3words” will take you to exactly the spot where we will be standing.  Just using your normal phone navigation of Google Maps on walking mode and you will get there!!

On the bike, if you get into trouble you can send the Waht3words location to anyone and they will get exactly to you!!

As with all things “new” I was reluctant but thought I would give it a go.  Once the location is pinpointed you click “Navigate” and it asks which of the navigation app loaded in your phone you want to use.  It then sends the exact location to the app.

Take a look at the information given on the page:  Navigation points for our rides and try it out on your phone.