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Charlie says “Goodbye” on behalf of the Riders

Charlie McColgan has, over the past years, become a firm friend of Arnhem veteran, John “Jeff” Jeffries.

Sadly, Jeff passed away on 30th August 2020.  His funeral, rather fittingly was on 17th September 2020.  All Airborne soldiers know that date.  It was the start of Operation Market Garden in 1944.  On the 17th Jeff was preparing his kit for the drop on the following day.  Jeff was shot while parachuting down onto the DZ, DZ X Ray, now known to us as Ginkel Heath.  Jeff’s life was saved by two young Dutch girls who tended to him on the DZ.  Charlie was determined to mark his passing, on the actual DZ on the 18th September, the day he landed all those years ago.

Charlie has sent a video, from Ginkel Heath, Arnhem, which our President, Paul Moore posted on the Airborne Forces Riders Facebook page.  

Click to see video