How to create a shortcut to our site

With the ability to quickly click on icons nowadays, especially on our mobiles, it is a pain to have to type in a website address!!
To help you access the Riders website there is a way that makes it real fast.  It is fairly standard across PCs, Tablets and Mobiles.  Here is the method for the PC or Laptop:
Microsoft Edge
Open the browser.  Go to our website www,  Once there, look at the top right corner and click on the … (three dots).  In the drop down list, click on Apps.  Then, Install this site as an app.  Then click Install.  It is now an app on your PC, so create a shortcut for your desktop as you usually do and “Bob’s your uncle”.  It’s done.
Different browsers work basically the same.
This is slightly different on a Samsung.  Everything is the same, but instead of the three spots in the top right…look for the three bars in the bottom right.  Click on Add page to and then choose Home Screen then Add
Hope this helps you get there much faster.  There is lots of information on the website now and it is extremely current, so keep coming back.